Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. It’s why many wedding professionals enter the industry, including us here at WeddingHappy.

But as we all know, the wedding planning process can also be *extremely* challenging. So how do you make sure you enjoy this special time in your life while planning a memorable occasion? Here are five ways to help assure the wedding planning process is smoother.

1. Combine dates with wedding planning activities. We’re not suggesting you enjoy a candlelight dinner at a restaurant and review your wedding budget at the same time. But consider reviewing guest lists or party favor ideas over lunch after registering for gifts. Or schedule a cake tasting before an afternoon movie.

2. Do wedding shopping together online. One WeddingHappy Facebook fan told us she and her fiance do a lot of their wedding shopping online. They have fun browsing websites together and get so excited to track their purchases and can’t wait for the items to arrive at their doorstep.

3. Use the right wedding planning tools. There are so many great wedding planning tools — from books to apps — that will make accomplishing your wedding tasks an easy fete. One of the great features of a wedding app is its ability to create a customized task list and timeline for you based on your wedding date. This takes the headache of creating detailed lists away from you and allows you to focus on the fun aspects of your big day.

4. Limit your online inspiration browsing. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the glitz and ideas on websites like Pinterest and Instagram. We recommend that you set a time limit for those websites so you don’t spend all day looking at ideas that may not be realistic to implement. Remember that those websites are great for ideas and starting points.

5. Make time to talk. This special time in your life only comes along once. Preparing for your wedding can be daunting but it’s also supposed to be a fun, creative project. It’s easy, however, to get caught up in the details and forget to talk with each other about what’s best for you two as a couple. Schedule the time to talk so you’re both included in the planning process. And always listen too!

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