Weddings don’t come cheap, so figuring out how to pay for your upcoming wedding is one of the first things you need to do.


Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


If you are funding part or all of your wedding, start a savings plan today! Figure out a reasonable amount that you can save. This plus any contributions becomes your budget.

We have “Determine budget” as the second task in WeddingHappy – right after announcing your engagement.


Perhaps your family is going to help? Talk to them sooner rather than later. People often offer to pay for a specific element of a wedding, like flowers, but it can quickly turn into a budget nightmare if the amount you spend does not match the amount they were expecting. The best way for family or good friends to help financially with a wedding is to give you a specific amount of money towards the budget.

Credit Cards

Do what you can to avoid paying for any part of your wedding on credit. It can become a burden for years after the big day. It’s just not worth it and we’re in the wedding business! Also, be aware of the financial situation of those helping pay for your wedding. Don’t let your big day become their big burden either.

If you have a set overall budget, a big challenge will be keeping to it. Try your best to keep your expectations in line and be pragmatic about what you can afford.