Our earlier post on How to Begin Creating Your Wedding Guest List was a big hit on Pinterest. Here’s a follow-up post on why you should think twice about inviting everyone you know to the wedding.

The number of guests you invite to your wedding has a huge impact on the budget and many aspects of the big day. It may seem difficult to exclude people from the invite list, but here are a few things to think about when deciding who, and how many, to cut.


Large or Lavish?

What is more important to you, having every last person in attendance, or every last detail perfect? More guests on the list can mean less money for upgrades and additions later on.

Traditional or Unique?

If you have a large number of wedding guests, you will most likely need to choose a traditional venue site designed for large functions. If you cut your list, you open up new possibilities of venues that can cater to parties of a smaller number, such as restaurants, art galleries, and even your own backyard.

Intimate or Big Celebration?

If you really want to celebrate with friends and family, consider how much quality, individual time you want with guests. The larger the number, the less time you will have to see and socialize with people that may have traveled some distance to watch you get married.

Having a smaller number of guests can not only save money, it can also reduce stress in planning and on your wedding day. You’ll have fewer addresses to hunt down for invitations, less tables on the seating chart, and less people you really don’t know, or haven’t seen in awhile, at your celebration.