Many years ago, there was a device called the VHS player on which most people watched their home movies. When the DVD player popped up, the VHS cassette tape and its host soon became obsolete as DVD discs quickly put the VHS out of business. And now today – with the popularity of watching movies on the computer and YouTube – one wonders if the DVD will soon go the way of the VHS.

We are now seeing this phenomenon happen with much more fervor and frequency. Younger, newer and mobile versions of electronics and apps are quickly putting dinosaurs like the VHS out of business. Let’s look at a five phenomena that are quickly being replaced by their newer app selves.

Maps — When most people need to find a location, they hop into their car and type the address into their smartphone and the designated map app will provide the route and directions to the specified location. Before the map app, drivers had to use a pre-printed map or Thomas Bros. Guide to find their desired location, and then plan the driving route themselves. Map apps have made printed maps virtually obsolete.

Clock Radios — Before the days of the smartphone, people would have to purchase a clock radio and manually set the time and an alert noise (music, radio, beeping sound) in order to make sure they woke up at the right time the next morning. But with most people owning a smartphone today, that alarm feature comes built-in and there is virtually no need for a traditional clock radio.

Cameras — We’re not suggesting that camera are being replaced. But with more and more people using their iPhones for cameras rather than a separate digital photo device, it’s likely that the built-in smartphone cameras will put the non-phone cameras the way of the film camera.

Paper Notebooks — This app continues to grow in popularity It allows the user to capture anything and every idea wherever she is at any time. The Evernote app works with every computer, phone and mobile device, virtually making the use of notebooks unnecessary.

Expensive Wedding Planning Books— With apps like WeddingHappy, you can start the wedding planning process automatically. As fast as it takes to get an app from the App Store, you get a customized and customizable wedding plan built for you. There’s no need to go to the bookstore to purchase a hardcover planning book when you can download a free planner that can adapt to your needs.



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