WeddingHappy Chinese is a First for China iPhone Users

WeddingHappy Chinese app iconWe are very proud to announce the availability of WeddingHappy Chinese in Simplified Chinese from the Apple App Store.

Our research shows that WeddingHappy Chinese is the first wedding task planning productivity iPhone app created for Chinese weddings!

We designed both the content and the user interface of WeddingHappy Chinese to be culturally appropriate for a Chinese wedding. Specifically, we included traditional tasks such as “Determine auspicious wedding date”, “Purchase new apartment household items”, “Prepare firecrackers” as well as other fun, traditional tasks commonly performed in preparation for a Chinese wedding. Tasks and vendors are fully customizable. So if a user needs to modify or add anything, they can.

A brief trip to Hong Kong in March 2011 inspired us to create WeddingHappy Chinese. At the time of our trip, we were actively coding the English version of WeddingHappy, which released this summer.

In the subway on the way from the airport to our hotel, we noticed huge billboards advertising a wedding convention the following weekend at the Hong Kong Convention Center. Liz thought to herself, “Okay, there’s no way Eric will agree to go to a wedding convention on his vacation, and I need a break from wedding stuff myself…but…weddings, Hong Kong…yup, looks like fun!”

We had a great time in Hong Kong, and over the course of our mini-vacation, we took the subway many times. Every time we got on a train, we looked around at the people and observed what they were doing. It was crazy! Almost every other person on the train was playing video games or texting on their iPhones! And many times these trains were jammed full of people, especially during rush hour.

So after a few days of vacationing in Hong Kong, some wedding convention billboards and all the people using iPhones…. we decided, “That’s it! We’re making a Chinese version of WeddingHappy!”

WeddingHappy Chinese is available for sale from the Apple App Store in the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Chinese readers can learn more from our Chinese website.

We would like to personally wish our users of WeddingHappy Chinese love and prosperity during this joyous time of their lives. We hope they will enjoy using our iPhone app to plan their happy weddings!

Here is a photo of us with our good friends at our wedding in April 2009:
Just a few of our good friends at our wedding in April 2009

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