Reasons Why You May Need a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners help with weddings every day of the year, bringing lots of wisdom and practical expertise to the table. They know what it takes to make the big day go off without a hitch.


There are many reasons to hire a wedding planner, but here are our Top 3:

1. Perspective

Wedding planners have a good perspective on how all the elements of a wedding can come together to make a perfect event. You may be focused on hiring a band; they are focused on helping you find the perfect band for your venue, style, and budget. And the planner also ensures the band arrives on time and has enough time to set up.

2. Local Knowledge

There are a lot of players in the wedding industry, and a good wedding planner can connect you to the right people in your area for exactly what you need. Their recommendations can save you hours of research, stress and even money.

3. Problem Solvers

Your wedding planner is usually the one person that knows all the little details of your big day, and will know what to do with any situation that arises; late vendors, late guests, last minute seating changes, even an out-of-control aunt. Planners are professional problem solvers, keeping problems away while you relax and enjoy your special day.

Adding a wedding planner if your budget allows, can take away a lot of anxiety during the months leading up to your wedding, and take away the last minute-stress on your big day.

How to Begin Creating Your Wedding Guest List

The number of guests you have at your wedding affects everything you do while planning, but creating the list can seem like an incredibly difficult task to start. We are here to help!

How to Begin Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Wedding guests will come from all aspects and times of your life. Here is a system to pull your lifetime of friends and family into one guest list.

The Categories:

Family List them ALL, down the second cousins you see only at the family reunion.
Close Friends These are the people you see or speak to on a regular basis, or are significant in your life.
Professional Friends Coworkers, clients-turned-friends, mentors, or other people who are significant to your professional life.
Significant Relationships The people who remain significant in your life, and can include friends from childhood, college, sports organizations, or any other group in your life that was meaningful.

List Creation:

You and your future spouse should create your own lists that will be combined into one at the end. Take notes on the number of people associated with each name, including spouses, significant others, and children (if you are considering a child-friendly affair).

If appropriate, have your parents also prepare a list to avoid last-minute invitation requests.

“Start guest list” is one of the first tasks within WeddingHappy – right after announcing your engagement and determining your budget.


Give each guest on the list a priority of A, B, or C.

A – Close family and friends that must be at the ceremony.

B – Additional friends, extended family, and professional friends that you are planning to invite.

C – Guests that would be nice to have at your wedding if your budget allows.

You now have your wedding list ready to go! Based on your budget and venue, start refining the list and adding addresses in preparation for your big day.

Finding the Money to Have a Wedding

Weddings don’t come cheap, so figuring out how to pay for your upcoming wedding is one of the first things you need to do.


Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


If you are funding part or all of your wedding, start a savings plan today! Figure out a reasonable amount that you can save. This plus any contributions becomes your budget.

We have “Determine budget” as the second task in WeddingHappy – right after announcing your engagement.


Perhaps your family is going to help? Talk to them sooner rather than later. People often offer to pay for a specific element of a wedding, like flowers, but it can quickly turn into a budget nightmare if the amount you spend does not match the amount they were expecting. The best way for family or good friends to help financially with a wedding is to give you a specific amount of money towards the budget.

Credit Cards

Do what you can to avoid paying for any part of your wedding on credit. It can become a burden for years after the big day. It’s just not worth it and we’re in the wedding business! Also, be aware of the financial situation of those helping pay for your wedding. Don’t let your big day become their big burden either.

If you have a set overall budget, a big challenge will be keeping to it. Try your best to keep your expectations in line and be pragmatic about what you can afford.

Search for Your Wedding Vendors with the Help of Yelp in WeddingHappy

We here at WeddingHappy are pleased to announce we have integrated Yelp with WeddingHappy version 1.43, bringing our couples all the information they need to find and research wedding professionals in their area.


With the addition of Yelp to WeddingHappy, you can now search for vendors by business, and base your search on the location of your wedding. Quickly find listings, reviews, contact information, and directions directly through the app.

Download the latest version of WeddingHappy now!


Need more information? Contact the vendors directly.

The WeddingHappy mission is to simplify the wedding planning process and help you get down the aisle. Our mission combined with the information power of Yelp is just another way we help couples get married.

Download the latest version of WeddingHappy now!

WeddingHappy Version 1.43 Is Available!

We took all of your great feedback, and we’re pleased to announce the newest version of WeddingHappy is available today!

What’s New?

Message Inbox – Check out your new message inbox on the home screen for all the latest announcements, wedding articles, and special offers. We’ll send you valuable information based on where you are in the planning process, keeping your messages timely and relevant.


Vendor Information – Finding and managing your vendors just got a whole lot easier! We’ve added Yelp directly in the app to help you search and review wedding professionals in your area, the ability to store multiple vendors per category, and a place to take notes on all things vendor related.


Bug Fixes – With every update, we continue to fix any bugs that are discovered and brought to our attention.

Download the latest version of WeddingHappy now!

Have questions or feedback for us? Send us a message directly using the Feedback screen in your app!